9 Most Interesting Mechanics Of Time-Travel In Movies

best time travel movie mechanics BaTTR Score

What is mechanics of time-travel? Simple, it’s the in-film concept based on which the character(s) experience time-travel. Do people appear and disappear with minimal explanation, or is there an innovative device or a fantastic element powering the time-travel? In short, it is ‘how‘ the time-travel takes place. The more thought out this fictional portion is, the … Read more

Mind Bending Movies Explained: Browse In Alphabetic Order

All Mind Bending Movies Explained Index Page

Here is the list of all the mind bending and confusing movies (and series) with explanations and plot analysis articles ordered alphabetically. Happy discovering! If you don’t see the film you are looking for, write to me! My Videos Indian Head Nod Explained Mind Bending Movies Compilation Articles Best Travel Movies Ranked BaTTR Score | … Read more

Parallel Movie Explained (Plot-holes and Fixes)

parallel movie explained

Parallel is a 2020 science-fiction thriller directed by Isaac Ezban who’s also given us The Incident. The film follows a group of entrepreneurs who discover a mirror that takes them to other realities. Don’t worry that’s not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer, and the movie’s name makes it pretty clear too. The poster feels … Read more

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