The Power Of The Dog Ending Explained

the power of the dog ending explained how did Phil die of anthrax

The Power Of The Dog is a 2021 drama set in the ol’ west directed by Jane Campion. The story is centred on two brothers who own a ranch. One of them weds a widow with an intelligent yet awkward son, and the other resents the marriage. The cast has Benedict Cumberbatch,┬áKirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, … Read more

Last Night In Soho: Ending Explained

Last Night In Soho Explained

Last Night In Soho is a 2021 psychological-thriller horror film written and directed by the amazing Edgar Wright. The movie follows a young girl who moves from a small town to London to pursue Fashion Design, and every night, she is mysteriously transported to the 60s and lives the life of an aspiring singer, and … Read more

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