Infinity Pool: Explained (Plot And Ending)

Infinity Pool explained ending

Infinity Pool is a 2023 sci-fi psychological thriller written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, who also gave us Prossessor. If you haven’t seen that one, do check it out. In case you are wondering, Brandon is David Cronenberg’s son who’s clearly following his father’s footsteps when it comes to making bizarre films like Crimes Of The … Read more

Doctor Sleep: Plot And Ending Explained

Doctor Sleep Explained Ending

Doctor Sleep is a 2019 psychological horror sequel to the movie The Shining based on the book by the same name. The film is directed by Mike Flanagan, who’s brought us Gerald’s Game and Oculus. It stars Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson in the leading roles. The film follows Danny’s life decades after The Shining’s events. Do give this one … Read more

Dual Movie Ending: Who Survived? Did Sarah Die?

Dual Movie Ending Explained Who Survived?

Dual is a 2022 science-fiction dark-comedy written and directed by Riley Stearns and has Karen Gillan starring in the leading role. The film is set in a world where a dying person can clone themselves and train the clone to become them. Once the person dies, the clone takes on the deceased person’s life. Bizarre, yes? … Read more

The Entire Spider-Verse Explained (All Spidey Movies)

Spider-Man Entire Spider-Verse Explained

Over the decades, we have seen a variety of Spider-Man movies and TV shows, but each one seems to have a slightly different origin story, characters, and storylines. This is because each of these Spider-People is from a variety of parallel universes. I thought it would be handy to summarize the Spider-People you have encountered … Read more

White Noise Movie Explained (Plot And Ending)

White Noise Movie Explained - Plot and Ending

White Noise is a 1985 novel by Don DeLillo, and Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of the novel narrates the same story as the source material. The film largely stays true to the dialogue of the book. However, the movie is less deeply cynical than the novel. The biggest deviation is probably in its comedic elements. There … Read more

Suzume Explained (Daijin, Sadaijin, Chair, Mother)

Suzume Movie Explained Ending

Suzume is a 2022 Japanese Anime romantic fantasy written and directed by the amazing Makoto Shinkai, whose Your Name blew our minds. The movie follows a young girl who encounters a young man searching for abandoned areas with doors and ends up helping him prevent a supernatural Worm from causing earthquakes across Japan. As always, … Read more

Smile Movie Ending Explained (All Questions Answered)

Smile Movie Ending Explained

Smile is a 2022 horror movie written and directed by Parker Finn. The story follows a therapist who is haunted by visions of people smiling at her after she witnesses a girl commit suicide in front of her, smiling. Here’s a plot and the ending of the movie Smile explained in short; spoilers ahead. Smile … Read more

M3GAN Ending Explained

M3GAN explained ending in short

M3GAN is a 2022 Sci-Fi Horror directed by Gerard Johnstone. The movie follows a roboticist who creates a life-like doll named M3GAN as a companion for a child. As the bot becomes increasingly erratic and violent, the roboticist must confront the dangerous consequences of her creation – basically, Chucky meets Terminator. Here is the plot … Read more

Emily The Criminal Ending Explained In Short

Emily The Criminal Ending Explained

Emily The Criminal is a 2022 crime drama directed by John Patton Ford. The film follows a young woman who turns to a life of fraud to support herself. However, her unlawful activities soon spiral out of control, and she becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The climax is a little … Read more