Joker Ending Explained (2019 Movie)

Joker ending explained

IMAGE CREDIT: Warner Bros. under Public Domain Superhero movies have taken over the world of cinema. CNBC reports that Disney has made over $18.2 billion at the global box office since they acquired Marvel back in 2009. This has led to a superhero movie arms race, as companies continue to churn out film after film starring the world’s most … Read more

Palm Springs Plot And Ending Explained (Dinosaurs Too!)

palm springs plot ending explained

Palm Springs is a romantic, infinite time-loop film directed by Max Barbakow that wastes no time in setting the context. It assumes that you have already watched enough time-loop movies like Groundhog Day, Source Code, Edge Of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day and so on. Palm Springs’ cast has Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in the … Read more

12 Most Complex Time Travel Movies Executed Well

Most Complex Yet Well Executed Time Travel Movies

Hi, this is Barry, and welcome to my site. How a time travel movie is conceived and executed establishes how complicated it can become. Some filmmakers avoid the complexities, others attempt it and make a mess of the timeline(s), but a few embrace the convoluted nature of time travel and do a fantastic job with … Read more

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