The Great Gatsby (2013) : Film Review

I was constantly putting aside this movie. I’m not sure why though. I think it appeared too slow. Well now that I’m through with it, yes it was quite slow. Not dragging, slow. A good movie however.It’s got a lot of characters with popular actors coming in for small roles. It has our own Amitabh Bachchan too.

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The story is told by Nick played by Spiderman fame – Tobey Maguire. All the narratives are his. Frankly with a voice like his it could have gotten a little annoying, but it didn’t. Many of the scenes it does feel like it is Peter Parker on screen. Nick takes us through the story of who Jay Gatsby is, how he first met him and how that changed things for him.
Leonardo DiCaprio plays Gatsby who is a super, uber-wealthy dude who lives in the mansion next door to Nick. The movie is set in the late 20s in Long Island. There is some non-linearity in the story telling, which is good. Nick takes you through who Gatsby was and how his early life was. The parties he throws are insane and there is a lot of bling and women.
the great gatsby
The story is a simple enough. It is primarily a story of love which involves Jay Gatsby and Daisy (played by Carey Mulligan, the pretty girl from Drive). However, Daisy is married. Well it’s not that simple then is it? A situation like this obviously would cause a lot of confusion between a bunch of characters.
All that confusion comes together nicely and the movie ends well. The film doesn’t go too much into the business Gatsby does to make his money. Just a few subtle hints here and there. It’s a good watch but like I mentioned before, it is a little slow for sure. So watch it when you are in the mood for a paced out story telling.
CAREY MULLIGAN as Daisy Buchanan and LEONARDO DICAPRIO as Jay Gatsby