Aku no Kyoten / Lesson of the Evil (2012) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Lesson of the Evil a pretty bad-ass Japanese movie. It’s got plenty of blood and gore. The film’s prime character is Seiji Hasumi (Hideaki Ito). Seiji is a Harvard university MBA graduate with prior work experience in U.S.A in an Investment Bank. He chooses to return from America and take up teaching. His external persona is this goody-two-shoes English teacher who is loved and respected by everyone. He’s a guy who wants to do the right thing. But, we all know there is no fun in that. Seiji has more to his character. He’s a sociopath with a dark past. Oooh yeah, here’s the explanation to the plot and ending of the movie Lesson Of The Evil.

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As the film progresses the story of Seiji’s past and present unfolds. Teachers and students from the school get caught in his path and that only spells bad news for them. What starts off small and containable eventually getss out of hand and turns to a massive … umm .. situation. If you enjoy a slasher movie, this one is good, keeps you happy for most part. Spoilers ahead.

Plot Explanation

Here’s a linear walk through. Seiji is an early bloomer, at a young age of 14 he kills his parents and makes it look like a break in. He disagrees with his parents on their opinion of sending him away to an asylum. Eventually he turns out smart enough to land an admit from Harvard. While in the US, Seiji meets with Dave who partner up and conduct various killings. Eventually, Seiji kills Dave and leaves the US. Seiji doesn’t like Dave’s nature of – killing for fun.

Seiji heads back to Japan and works for Kitahara Municipal High School. There is only a mention of this they don’t actually show anything from this first school. During his employment as a teacher there multiple suicide incidents happen. It is only a speculation but we’re all pretty sure Seiji had something to do with it. After that, he leaves and joins Shinko Academy. This is where the movie is based out of.

First he jams the network signals to stop the cheating. This is not legal but he’s too cool. The cheating gang, lead by Keisuke, blames the homeroom teacher, Tsurii, for it. Tsurii suspects Seiji.

Rina, a bullied soul, has a father who constantly comes to school and screams at the staff. He is a chain smoker. Seiji goes over to his place and notices bottles of water kept to scare cats away (I did not know that was a technique). Seiji replaces all the water with kerosene. One of the cigarettes ends up lighting the kerosene and Rina’s dad burns to a crisp. When the cops come to investigate this, Tsurii tells them about Seiji’s past school experience.

Seiji bugs Tsurii’s room and hears all the conversations Tsurii is having with Keisuke. The two of them are uncovering a lot of Seiji’s past and he doesn’t like this. Seiji kills Tsurii in the train and makes it look like a suicide. Keisuke obviously freaks out because he knows this was not a suicide. Seiji captures Keisuke and tortures him to see if there is anybody else who might know of this suspicion for Seiji. Once convinced that no one else knows, Seiji kills Keisuke.

Miya is a girl who is being sexually harassed by a PE teacher, Shibahara. He catches her shoplifting and is now blackmailing her. Seiji helps by sending Shibahara a text saying she’s going to the cops and is ok if they found out about her shoplifting. Shibahara backs off after that. Miya starts a relationship with Seiji. Seiji blackmails another teacher, Kume, who is having sexual relationship with a male student. This way he uses Kume’s crib to bone Miya.

Here is where Seiji begins to go over board and leads to a domino effect. He uses Miya’s phone to blame another student for the murder of Rina’s father. That becomes a fight at school. Then Seiji kills the kid he accuses. Not a now suspects Seiji. Seiji decides to kill Miya. He asks her to come to the roof at school during a cultural night-out, prepares a suicide note and tosses Miya off the roof. Another student comes looking for Miya and finds the note. He kills her too.

Now that things have got out of hand, he goes nuts. He decides to get a shotgun and kill all the students and pin the crime on Kume. And thus starts the blood bath. He manages to kill every student at school that night, almost. (Have these schools not heard of night security?) Through the process of the massacre, some of the conversations get recorded in a defibrillator machine. Seiji doesn’t realize this. He gets Kume to come to the school and ties him up and kills him too.

The last two kids outsmart Seiji. They throw two already dead students down the chute while they hide. Seiji thinks he’s killed every student and assumes the role of being cuffed as knocked out. When the cops come, initially the plan goes through and Kume has the blame but the two surviving kids come with evidence and Seiko is arrested.

Lesson of the Evil: Ending Explained

As Seiji walks away, escorted by a cop, the surviving girl calls him crazy. But the fact is that Seiji wants people to think that he is crazy. The ravens that Seiko sees and kills, according to mythology, is a messenger. The one who asks to conduct the Will of God. Seiji can plead “not guilty” under the clause insanity. The other surviving student realizes what Seiji is up to and claims that he is beginning the next game. Meanwhile Miya isn’t dead. The movie ends. I really doubt there would be another part to the film even though it ends with a To Be Continued. We can just assume here that Seiji’s plan to act “crazy” will be soiled by Miya who’s going to explain how meticulously he planned to kill her. There really is nothing left for another part. Of course, if there is going to be more shotgun action, I’d still watch it. I’m not sure how similar the storyline from the manga is to the movie. Please drop a comment if you know.