Andhadhun Plot: Things You Might Have Missed

In an ocean of Bollywood films that make you want to gnaw on your own leg, Andhadhun is a well-directed film by Sriram Raghavan. The movie has a good cast and sees the musically talented Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead role. It also includes Tabu, Radhika Apte, Anil Dhawan, and Zakir Hussain to name a few. The plot is centered on a blind pianist who happens to be witness to a crime that he cannot report. Andhadhun is based on a French short film called L’Accordeur. If you haven’t watched this 2018 Bollywood film yet, please do. Here’s the plot explanation of Andhadhun, spoiler ahead.

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Andhadhun Plot Synopsis

Why is Akash pretending to be blind in Andhadhun?

Akash is a musician and prefers to act like a blind person because there are advantages to being disabled – like low rents, more tips, more empathy, etc. He also considers it to be a social experiment which he hopes to feed back into his music. To ensure that he behaves like a blind person, Akash wears contacts that cloud his vision.

What does that kid want from Akash?

In the film, we see a kid who seems to be hell-bent on bothering Akash based on his inability to see. The kid is initially trying to make a quick buck of a blind guy. Later he suspects that Akash is not blind and is out to prove it. But in short, he is an annoying kid looking to make some cash.

andhadhun akash sophie

Who is Sophie?

Sophie happens to knock down Akash in traffic by accident. She takes pity on him and gets him some refreshments. After that, she learns that Akash is a pianist. Her father runs a restaurant, and they are looking for a live performer. Soon Sophie’s father signs him up as the regular artist. Akash likes Sophie, and to be able to see her, Akash stops using his contact lenses.

Who is Pramod Sinha In Andhadhun?

I think this was the most adored character in the film. Pramod is a retired actor who enjoys watching his own performances on TV and the internet. Anil Dhawan plays this role, and all the footages we see are of his younger days in Bollywood. He is remarried to Simi (Tabu) and has a daughter, Daani, from his previous marriage.

What is Simi up to in Andhadhun?

Simi is a failed actor, is a leech who has gotten married to Pramod for his wealth. It is soon disclosed that Simi is having an extramarital affair with a police inspector – Manohar. It’s important to know that she does not plan to kill Pramod for the sake of money, she really doesn’t.

What does Inspector Manohar want from all of this?

Well, he’s just a dirty cop and is currently having an affair with the wife of a rich guy. He is hot-headed but has no intentions of murder either. Manohar is married too.

Pramod Sinha’s murder in Andhadhun – who did it?

Pramod plans to surprise Simi and lies to her saying he’s going to Bangalore. Simi believes him and invites Manohar for some adulterous fun. When Pramod returns, he catches Simi and Manohar. Unfortunately for him, he picks up the cop’s gun. This is not shown but told by Simi later on – as Simi tries to talk to Pramod, Manohar gets agitated, goes for the gun and it fires at Pramod by accident.

andhadhun akash simi

Why does Simi let Akash into the house?

Pramod has invited Akash to give a private performance. As Simi opens the door, she notices her nosey neighbour wondering what’s going on. Simi sees that Akash is blind and to avoid suspicion, she invites him in. As Akash sits to play, he notices a dead body, asks to use the restroom where he sees a big guy with a gun, and confirms that the dead guy is Pramod. At this point, Akash doesn’t realize that the dude in the bathroom is a cop. After that, Akash performs as he witnesses Manohar stuff Pramod into a suitcase and take him out. Simi uses a previous recording to enact the presence of Pramod in the house. Akash leaves, and Simi gives a fake statement to the press saying that Pramod exited the house with 1 Crore and never came back.

Akash goes to the police, but …

At the police station, Akash realizes that the big dude is the inspector. He attempts to cover up his murder reporting saying his cat that has gone missing. Manohar gets suspicious and takes Akash to his home to verify if he is indeed blind. Convinced, he leaves.

D’Sa’ murder in Andhadhun

The nosey neighbour gets too nosey for her own good. She blurts to the cops about seeing a big dude entering Simi’s house. Simi throws D’Sa out of her window, making it look like a suicide. Excellent timing, Akash shows up in time to witness this. He continues to act blind, but Simi now suspects him.

andhadhun simi sophie akash

Simi makes Akash blind for real

Even though Akash gives a police statement saying Pramod was alive and well at his home when he was performing, Simi wants to terminate him. She goes over to his place and gives him drugged sweets. She further poisons Akash’s coffee, and when he “accidentally” drops it, she catches him reacting to her empty gun proving he is not blind. The drug kicks in and Akash faints. Just then Sophie arrives. That naggy kid has secretly captured a hidden video of Akash that shows that he is not blind. Sophie is disgusted and goes up to confront Akash. Simi opens the door making it appear as if she has slept with him. Furious, Sophie exclaims that Akash was never blind that that brat downstairs has proof; she leaves. After that Simi blinds Akash for real. As she goes, she deletes the video from the kid’s phone.

Manohar wants to kill Akash

Because a blind man can still talk, Mahonar comes back in the night to kill Akash and make it look like a suicide. Akash manages to escape by bashing Manohar’s face with an iron. On the streets, Akash runs into a post and faints; Manohar is unable to find him and heads back.

andhadhun blind akash

Who are Dr. Swami, Murli, and Sakku in Andhadhun?

Akash is picked up by Murli and Sakku who are looking to make money by supplying Askash to Dr. Swami for illegal organ harvesting. Now, Akash has seen Sakku and Murli in the area – she sells lottery tickets, and he is an auto driver. The trio manages to administer anesthesia to Akash, and as he’s going unconscious, he babbles about the tattoo of Lord Shiva on Sakku’s hand and says he’ll get her 1 crore. As Dr. Swami is about to cut out Akash’s kidneys, Sakku stops him asking how he could have known about her tattoo. They believe that Akash has divine power and stop the procedure.

When he comes to, they ask how he has knowledge about her tattoo. Akash uses this opportunity to state more details about both Sakku and Murli to convince them of his godly ability. He also goes on to say that they will all soon make a ton of money. Remember, there is no 1 Crore of money, that was a fake statement. Akash is using this as bait to get help.

andhadhun simi kidnap

Kidnapping Simi, the tables turn

With the help of Murli and Sakku, Akash kidnaps Simi. They leave her car next to the spot Pramod’s body was found. The media reports that Simi has committed suicide. Akash then calls Manohar’s wife and tells her about the affair her husband has been having with Simi. She loses her shit and begins to threaten Manohar with his gun. Manohar gets a call stating that Simi might have committed suicide and his wife hears this too.

Andhadhun: Why do Murli and Sakku tie up Akash?

They get a recording of a confession from Simi on the murders. Simi tries to explain she lied on television, but no one believes her. Murli and Sakku make their own plan now, they don’t need Akash or Dr. Swami. With the recording of the confession, they blackmail the cop and his wife and ask for the 1 Crore cash. Since there is no such money, Manohar puts a mix of real notes and blanks in a bag and heads off to meet the duo. Murli and Sakku tie up Akash and leave him locked up with Simi. Simi tells Akash that he’s a dead man now and he, in turn, explains how she’s a liability for Manohar. Simi wheels up to Akash and unties him. She asks for him to remove her blindfolds.

What happens to Police Inspector Manohar in Andhadhun?

Manohar heads off to meet Murli and Sakku. Murli instructs him to leave the bag of cash in the elevator and wait for further instructions. Manohar takes the stairs up, locates Murali, and shoots him down. Manohar demands to know where the evidence is, and Murli tells it’s with Sakku in the basement; this is as per the duo’s plan. Manohar enters the lift and descends; Sakku kills the power to the elevator and traps Manohar. In desperation, Manohar fires a bullet inside the lift which ricochets and injures him. Given that he is left there bleeding inside the lift, and no one knows of it, we can assume that he dies from the wound.

What happens to Murli and Sakku at the end of Andhadhun?

Sakku rushes Murli to a hospital, but he dies due to excessive bleeding. She opens her bag to give doctor cash, and we are shown that most of the notes are blank. Fate, it seems, isn’t without a sense of irony. The doctor suggests that Sakku could donate Murli’s organs.

Simi vs Akash vs Dr. Swami

Akash agrees to take off Simi’s blindfold. She misdirects him for a while to get her hands on a pair of scissors and cuts herself loose. After that, she begins to attack Akash and tries to kill him. Just then Dr. Swami returns. Simi attacks and starts stabbing him. Akash appears and pulls Simi back, and the two of them drug her unconscious with chloroform. The doctor is thankful. They tie her up and put her in the trunk of the car and drive out.

Andhadhun: What is life? It all depends on the liver – Meaning

This is a modified phrase from the original – ” Is Life Worth Living? It Depends upon the Liver” by William James. “Liver” is used in two ways – one, the body organ, two, the one who lives. Dr. Swami throws in this pun because he has been looking for a person with a B Rh Negative blood group. An Arab’s daughter is in need of a liver of this rare blood group which so happens to be Simi’s blood type. He is ready to pay a million dollars. Dr. Swami plans to take Simi to the private jet waiting at the airport for him (arranged by the Arab) and walk away rich. He explains to Akash that Simi is a criminal and will be sentenced to death anyway. This way, a young girl will get a new life (thanks to the liver), they would get rich, and Akash could get Simi’s eyes.

andhadhun ending sophie akash

The Ending Explained – as per Akash

Simi gains consciousness and starts banging on the trunk. The doctor stops the car and goes to give her another shot of anesthesia. Simi overpowers the doctor and cuts his throat. She enters the passenger seat and continues driving. Akash is unaware that the switch has happened till Simi asks him to get out. She speeds the car towards him.

This takes us back to Andhadhun’s opening scene. A random farmer who’s hunting a hare on his farm happens to fire at it. The hare jumps on to the road and hits the windshield of the Simi’s car. She loses control and crashes; the vehicle catches fire and explodes. After that, Akash takes a bus back to town, and his friend helps him get to London.

2 Years Pass

On one of her trips to Europe, Sophie runs into him at his performance. Akash tells her his whole story and how he didn’t have the guts to face her after that. Sophie is saddened thinking that Akash is now actually blind. She even says that Simi had ruined so many lives. And that Akash should’ve listened to Dr. Swami and taken Simi’s eyes. Akash doesn’t respond, he leaves. As Akash walks, he strikes a can with his walking stick disclosing to the audience that he was lying to Sophie, that he is is not blind.

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Andhadhun Ending explained

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