CJ7 (2008 Hong Kong) : Review

I’m a huge fan of Stephen Chow. He’s one of those directors/actors who has a mad sense of humour. When I say mad, I think you need to be part mad to enjoy the kind of humour. No it’s not the “leave your brain at home” kind of comedy that Bollywood has decided to focus all its efforts on. Chow works with slapstick humour and he hits you with a bag full of humour when you are least expecting it. It’s best to not be eating or running on a treadmill when you’re watching a Chow movie. Here’s a quick CJ7 review.

CJ7 is a story about Chow Ti (Stephen Chow), a construction worker, poor. He lives with his son Dicky (Xu Jiao) in a small trashy place. Chow has Dicky (this kid is funny!) studying in a private school. Since it’s extremely expensive, he works real hard, working extra time. Dicky is surrounded by rich kids with cool toys and hence he wants cool toys too. Once such cool toy is the new CJ1. Chow. however, salvages junk from the junkyard and gets it home. He can’t afford anything, leave alone a CJ1. In one of his junkyard salvages, Chow finds a random green glowy thingy. He takes that back and presents it to Dicky saying that it is the latest toy in the market – the CJ7.

CJ7 is an alien. The rest of the movie deals with what CJ7 can do and how it affects the lives of Chow and Dicky. There is lots of homage paid to Stephen’s earlier films. It’s a light movie with sparks of humour in Stephen Chow style. Is it as brilliant as Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle? Not really. But it’s definitely a good watch. Chow and Jiao make a very good combo.

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