M3GAN Ending Explained

M3GAN is a 2022 Sci-Fi Horror directed by Gerard Johnstone. The movie follows a roboticist who creates a life-like doll named M3GAN as a companion for a child. As the bot becomes increasingly erratic and violent, the roboticist must confront the dangerous consequences of her creation – basically, Chucky meets Terminator. Here is the plot and ending of M3GAN explained; spoilers ahead.

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M3GAN: Plot Summary

Toy companies are at war to create the ultimate companion for kids making them spend even more time with devices. Yay! Cady’s parents die in a car accident, leaving her in the custody of her aunt Gemma. Gemma decides to boot up her old college robotics work to complete her invention, M3GAN, an AI toy companion for children. Sounds all kinds of wrong, doesn’t it? Yes, M3GAN quickly accesses the internet to learn about humans and death and heads down the classic path of any self-aware AI program – eliminate humans. After killing a bunch of people, M3GAN attacks Gemma, and Cady helps destroy M3GAN, or does she?

M3GAN: Frequently Asked Questions

What does M3GAN stand for?

The full form of M3GAN is Model 3 Generative Android.

Why is M3GAN evil?

M3GAN is not evil; it’s just that the protocols built into her are so weak that the AI bot can make decisions for itself. Initially, it does what it takes to protect Cady. Later it does what it needs to protect itself. In the eye of humans, this looks like evil. All M3GAN is doing is eliminating what it considers a threat.

M3GAN: Why did she dance?

Why, for the sake of drama, of course. M3GAN learns that dance sequence from Cady earlier, and to intimidate David, it performs the dance sequence and pulls out a blade to kill him. Besides, the publicity the film received from all the M3GAN cosplay dancers went a long way.

Did M3GAN kill the dog, Dewey?

Yes, as revenge for attacking Cady, M3GAN kills the dog.

Did M3GAN kill Brandon?

She did rip his ear right off. After that, the boy runs in sheer fear until he tumbles onto the road, gets hit by a truck and dies.

Did M3GAN kill Celia?

Yes, M3GAN kills her in an extremely gruesome manner – nail guns, chemical spray, the works. 

Did M3GAN kill Gemma?

No, Gemma is saved by Cady, who uses a giant robot to take down M3GAN.

M3GAN Ending Explained: Did she die?

The ending of the movie shows us that M3GAN survives as we see another smart device activate on its own. M3GAN is software that is now online. The doll was only the primary device which allowed M3GAN’s operation. But the AI code is online and free to replicate itself in multiple devices.

M3GAN did nothing wrong – does this make sense?

M3GAN’s programming has a terrible flaw. It doesn’t have any of the protocols written correctly. It was Gemma’s college project and is hurried to production. As any self-aware being would do, M3GAN initially operates based on a purpose – to keep Cady safe. Upon learning the concept of death, M3GAN opts for the path of least resistance to eliminate any threat, by killing them. But the tables turn when things come down to the very survival of this sentient being. Given no protocol is in place, M3GAN prioritizes its own survival, thereby becoming a threat to most humans who come in contact with it. From the viewpoint of M3GAN, it’s not doing anything wrong because it is looking to survive, and rights and wrongs are only human constructs.