Ruby Sparks (2012) : Movie Ending Explained

Ruby Sparks is the story of Calvin (played by Paul Dano from Prisoners), a book writer with a creative block, who happens to dream about a pretty girl (don’t we all?). He decides to write about this girl and creates a personality for her. He falls in love with this imaginary girl and names her Ruby Sparks. The next day, the girl (played by Zoe Kazan) materializes and is living with him in his house. It’s a romantic film with an element of fantasy thrown in. The film is average and tends to keep your attention. However, it ends very predictably and with way too much optimism. You really wouldn’t go back for seconds for this film; barely a one time watch. While the film is quite straight forward, a few people were asking for some clarification. So I figured I’d throw in a quick article around the ending of the film. Here’s Ruby Sparks’ ending explained.

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The Plot

So… girl is conjured up. Calvin is happy. He takes Ruby to his home. His family loves her. She loves his family. Calvin is an asshole and can’t be happy about this. He ignores Ruby. Ruby gets upset. She begins to disconnect with Calvin. Calvin writes to alter Ruby. He thinks she is going to dump his ass. He writes “Ruby is miserable without Calvin”. This causes Ruby to become overly clingy and weeps all the time. So he writes again, “Ruby is filled with effervescent joy”. She becomes overly happy and annoyingly joyful. So he writes yet again, “Ruby is just Ruby whether she is happy or sad”. This makes Ruby’s character confused, erratic and distant. Calvin takes her to a party where Ruby decides to go semi-skinny-dipping in the pool with the host of the party. Calvin catches her in the act and is quite pissed. Ruby, being a confused personality, reacts by telling Calvin that he cannot control her. She chooses to leave.

Ruby Sparks: Ending Explained

Calvin sits at his typewriter and begins to type. As a result of this Ruby is unable to leave the room. He then tells Ruby that she has been created by him, she is not real. Ruby is obviously confused at hearing this. Then he makes Ruby do a bunch of crazy things by typing them out. She sings, she speaks French, she jumps around and dances. In the end she drops to the floor panting for breath. In fear, she runs and shuts herself in her room. Calvin types “Soon as Ruby leaves the house her past releases her. She is no longer Calvin’s creation. Ruby is free”. He leaves this in front of her room. In the morning, Ruby is no longer there, she has left him. Calvin is sad.

Taking his brother’s advice, he works on his new book which is about a guy who conjures up a girlfriend. The book is published and becomes successful. As Calvin strolls in the park one day, he runs into Ruby reading his newly published book. This is what I was talking about. Not only does he randomly run into her, but when she’s alone and is reading his very book. Ruby can’t remember anything from her past. This is perhaps what Calvin wrote, about her past releasing her. This bit is terribly weak and Ruby has conveniently forgotten only the bits from the night of her “being told she’s not real”. Either that, or she has had a complete memory wipe-out and has no idea who she now is. If that were the case she wouldn’t be hanging out in some random park, lolling around and reading books. I think the safest assumption is that his last typed words somehow made her forget him and all the events connected to him. The rest of her is still whole and she’s been living her own happy life since she left Calvin’s house and life.