The Babysitter (2017) : Movie Explained In Short

Here’s the plot and ending of the movie The Babysitter explained in short; spoilers ahead.

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Who or What is Bee?

In the movie Babysitter, Bee is most likely a witch, maybe even the devil (Beelzebub), and like most witches, she’s beautiful and has been performing sacrificial rituals to power herself. Her routine also needs a little blood from an innocent. While it is not mentioned how long but a long time ago, Bee was small and weak and came into the possession of the devil’s book. Using this book, and other victims, she’s been getting her wishes fulfilled. We don’t know how old Bee is, but it could be in centuries. We know she’s been moving from one town to another, sacrificing victims, to gain powers like strength, confidence, and others. She’s used the blood of many innocent kids but has most likely not killed them, I’d guess she sees her old self in them.

Cole and Bee

Cole is a socially awkward 12-year-old who is a constant target for bullies. Bee is his babysitter. She genuinely likes Cole and hangs out with him. But she’s also found herself her next victim and has assembled her team of idiots for the next ritual at Cole’s house. The blood from the innocent would be Cole’s. The group of idiots makes for good comedy, and if something goes wrong, they can easily be disposed of. Cole has a fun-filled day with bikini-Bee when Cole’s parents are out coochie-cooing in some hotel, leaving Bee to babysit Cole… and things go wrong. Based on sound advise given by Melanie, a girl who has a crush on Cole, he decides to stay awake at night and find out if Bee is going to make out with some dude. Bee suggests a shot of whiskey for Cole (apparently it’s not the first time), but she drugs it. Cole doesn’t drink and keeps awake only to find that the kinky party that Bee is having with her gang is actually a cult that is sacrificing victim. It all begins with the introduction of two sacred blades into the victim’s skull.

Cole vs Bee

When they go to get Cole’s blood, he calls 911 and acts like he’s unconscious, and tries to escape from the window only to be caught by Bee. After this, the 911 cops are killed, the cheerleader gets shot, the black guy falls to his death, the goth-chick gets blown up, the shirtless dude gets hung, Cole runs into Melanie’s house, gets a kiss, and the cheerleader has her head blown by Bee’s shotgun. Bee offers Cole a chance to becomes a fellow witch-man, but he sets fire to the devil book, drops it by the window, steals Melanie’s dad’s Mustang, drives it over a ramp and goes through his house’s window to smash into Bee. He explains how disappointed he is in Bee, leaves her for the dead, and heads out in slow-mo. The cops show up and go inside to notice that Bee’s body is not there. Bee attacks from behind. She can’t die, she a hot witch with super strength and, most likely, eternal youth, and some other cool powers. She’ll surely beat town, but now, without the book, she’s had her last wish come true.

Director: Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG)
Cast: Samara Weaving, Bella Thorne, Emily Alyn Lind, Hana Mae Lee, Judah Lewis, Robbie Amell, Andrew Bachelor, Leslie Bibb, Ken Marino