My name is Bharat Krishna Swaminathan, and my friends call me Barry.

I love films, music and technology.

I enjoy explaining complex films. I first started off with a post that explained the movie Predestination. I saw hundreds of hits on this which soon became thousands. I love well made complex movies. I take the time to sit with a book and pen while watching such films and simplify the understanding process in my head. After this I proceed to write my articles which help readers understand and enjoy these complex movies. The bigger picture is to connect with film lovers and share, learn & spread the love for great cinema.

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I produce mixes that span across multiple genres, languages, styles of vocals and rap. Being a 90s kid (defined as person not born in the 90s but enjoyed his/her childhood in the 90s), I enjoy bringing in the nostalgia factor from what is today called Old School Music and Rap. I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson and A.R.Rahman and here’s one such track that brings together all my favourite elements …

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By profession, I am a Techie, a Software Engineer. I work closely with start-ups to help them engineer Software Products.

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