7 Best Free Online Music Video Maker You Should Know

These days, the world has shifted to a digital platform. From connecting with one’s family to seeking entertainment, everything has taken a digital turn. In such a situation, musicians have resorted to the use of video to come up with engaging visual experiences for their customers.

Producing a high-quality music video requires resources, and it may not be feasible under a constrained budget.  However, you need to realize that with proper editing, you can give your music videos a complete makeover and attract more followers. If you are unsure of which tool to use while working on your music videos, here is a comprehensive list of the top 7 tools you can consider.


InVideo is one of the most holistic video editing tools and is a perfect choice for creating music videos. Here, you do not have to download any applications on your device and can simply go to InVideo’s website, select a blank canvas, and choose the option to make a video. Ideally, the aspect ratio of your music videos should be restricted to 16:9.

You will be taken to a screen where you will see the option to upload your music file on the top left corner of the screen. On the left panel, select the music panel and then choose the genre. While choosing a music file, make sure that the duration of the track is the same as that of the video.

InVideo offers you the luxury of macro editing each video as well as creating collage music videos. Post creation, you can render the video and upload the professional-quality music video onto the site of your choosing.


Motionden is a free video editing tool that you can use to create any music clips. It has urban color features that allow you to create promotional content for your music in a matter of minutes. It is one of the free video editing tools to have a dedicated ‘Music Event’ feature. Using this, you can come up with DJ-like graphics and give your videos a professional touch.

Further, the tool has the provision of presenting your textual content in a strobe-like fashion, thereby appealing to your musical audience’s taste. If you want the focus of the video to center around conventional music, then you can leverage the Ink feature of Motionden to create texts in large, legible fonts. You can also have quick transitions between songs and improve the clarity of your videos.


Specterr allows users to create and store unlimited music files. The tool’s proprietary animation engine ensures that there is no lapse in speed, consistency, or uploading delay. Specterr has some of the finest customization options, and you can create music footage in a matter of minutes.

The cloud-based tool ensures live video storage, and you do not need to download any file to use this tool. One of the best advantages of using Specterr is the fact that you can post your edited videos directly into music-sharing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.


Animaker allows you to create music videos from scratch and, if you are keen to take the easier path, there are several templates that you choose. The free music maker tool has an intuitive drag-and-drop feature that you can use to personalize your video.

If you are looking for a tool that has a decent music library of its own, then you should consider Animaker. Here, there are more than a hundred handpicked tracks that you can choose from while creating a video. Several detailed tutorials will help novice video editors find their way around this tool and create professional-quality videos.


If your video-making focus is helping your audience visualize your music, then Renderforest is the perfect tool for you. The tool has several music-dedicated templates such as the Bass Drops Music Visualiser, Neon Beat Visualiser, Audio React Visualiser, etc.

All you must do is upload your music track and choose a visualizer that is appropriate to the genre of the track that you are editing.  Post that, the online audio visualizer automatically composes the video. Such is the simplicity of this tool that people with no prior editing experience can create professional-quality videos with the help of this tool.


Mixxx is an editing tool that is dedicated to music, and the main interface has four decks where you can drag and drop whatever you need.  It has a dedicated pitch and key controls that you can use to alter the tempo of the song. The tool has multiple genre types and dedicated groove makers for each of them.

The USP of Mixxx is the fact that the output can be thoroughly reviewed and tested before you complete the video. The tool has specific hotkeys that you can use to mark specific points on the tracks that will facilitate simpler video editing.

Filmora Wondershare 9

Filmora Wondershare 9 is the best video editing tool for beginners. While the tool is highly intuitive, it has some of the most advanced music features. Filmora automatically detects the music rhythm and sets the tone of the edited video. There are more than 300 stunning effects, and the automatic setting of music rhythm makes it easy for you to choose the niche.

Moreover, you can create multiple edited versions of your music file, identify the one that appeals to the best and then download it to your device. Filmora supports several video formats, and you also have the option of directly uploading your video on a sharing platform.

Based on the type of music that you are creating, the audience it is intended for, and your editing proficiency, you can choose any of the tools from the list above. Creating a musical video requires you to pay due diligence to the music as well as the audio aspects. Having appropriate graphics that are in alignment with the music genre helps to give a professional touch to the videos. That way, viewers are more likely to take you seriously when they dance to the beat of your music.