5 Powerful Psychological Films That Should Be The Subject Of Writing A Thesis

Films are such an important aspect that helps one get to various life’s learnings, lessons and to generate a deep-rooted understanding of the issues and norms that exist in the world. For a physiology student, there is no better way than to turn to some movies that have been an all-time favorite and impart critical lessons.

Selecting a movie for writing a thesis can be an exciting task to do. From the plenty of options at your disposal, look at options that best define human nature and psychological habits.

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Lenny and Teddy Memento

Memento is a film about a man who has a damaged ability to make new memories. This follows after he was hit on his head while trying to save his on-screen wife from an attack by two men. However, he loses his ability to make new memories and suffers a loss of some older ones. His last memory remains of his wife’s death.

His life’s motive now becomes to hunt down the killers and seek revenge for his beloved wife’s death. The movie is interestingly shot and shown in both black and white as well as color scene sequences. The movie depicts that he is suffering from a short-term memory loss that comes in the way of his day-to-day activities. The movie plot does not end here; there are fascinating plot twists that keep viewers on edge.

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We need to talk about Kevin

We Need To Talk about Kevin

Kevin is a boy who develops feelings of anger and resentment towards his mother. The movie shows the mother, Eva trying to love her child but cannot get him to as he indulges in strange activities one after the other in the film. The movie depicts Kevin’s strange behavior from his childhood to the present. The film narrates and displays incidents where Kevin mistreats her, tries to hurt her.

The movie is set in flashbacks and present times to create an interesting plot as the movie moves ahead. The character is noted to have Schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder that makes it difficult for one to differentiate between the unreal and real. It also highly affects the way a person thinks, lives, or behaves.

12 Angry Men

12 angry men movies filmed in one location

This classic movie goes back to 1957 and is centered around social and moral development. The film shows a group of 12 jurors who discuss and decide the fate of an 18-year-old for killing his father. One of the 12 jury members feels that this is much more than an open and shut case and that the story behind the killing is perhaps different. The movie becomes a good choice for a thesis as it displays valuable lessons of social psychology and addresses how interaction, leadership, and group interactions play a role in human behavior.

28 Days

28 days

Alcoholism has fast become a trend for the current generation. As most fail to understand its repercussions in time, 28 Days is a good movie that depicts the harmful effects that it can bring to your body and brain.

The character in the movie is shown to have denial towards accepting her alcoholism. She lives in denial until an incident at her sister’s wedding lands her up in jail. She finally chooses to visit a rehab instead of jail time to get over the habit that was slowly destroying her life.

The movie portrays the effects of domestic violence and the effect it leaves on the victim. A good choice for a thesis, this movie offers a plot twist where the wife runs away with her child in the hope of staying away from him. To her misfortune, he tracks them down, but she is strong-headed and prepared to fight him off physically.

The Black Swan


The movie shows Natalie Portman in the role of Nina, who is the lead ballerina for a leading company. She is all about dance and loves what she does, but things take a dark turn when a new ballerina, Mila Kunis, in the role of Lily, is given the lead role. This shatters Nina from inside, and her dark side takes over her personality.

What happens next is quite unexpected because when someone who is dead passionate about her job is bogged down by a newcomer, the mind goes in a different direction. She starts suffering from anxiety disorder with obsessive-compulsive behaviors and becomes self-injurious. It’s a perfect movie for psychology students and even other students who want to pick up a scintillating movie to be their research work.


There are plenty of movies that have spoken about various mental health issues, disorders and the ordeals the ones suffering go through. In your thesis, your first idea must be to identify a mental/social problem you wish to address. Upon that selection, it will be easier to select a movie and proceed. A thesis would need you to deep dive into the story, characters, and most importantly, the issue in concern.

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