Rememory Explained In Detail (Who Killed Gordon?)

rememory explained

Rememory is a 2017 science-fiction crime mystery directed by Mark Palansky. The film is centred on the puzzling death of a scientist whose invention extracts any memory from a subject’s mind in its raw and unaltered form. A man with a dark secret helps uncover the person responsible for the scientist’s death. Rememory sees Peter Dinklage in … Read more

Upgrade Movie Ending Explained (With Plot Synopsis)

Upgrade movie explained

Upgrade is a 2018 science-fiction action film directed by Leigh Whannell. Contrary to the extremely plot-holey Invisible Man, Upgrade is to the point, well-acted, and has a good pace. Surprisingly it did not garner as much attention. The plot is centered on a mechanic who opts for a computer chip implant to get his life back and … Read more

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