The House That Jack Built: Ending Explained

house that jack built explained

The House That Jack Built is a disturbing story a psychopath who narrates five random murders that he had committed over a period of 12 years. The film stars Matt Dillon in the lead role and a whole bunch of guest stars including Uma Thurman. It’s directed by Lars von Trier whose prior films include … Read more

Andhadhun Ending Explained: What really happened

Andhadhun Ending explained

Here’s evidence to understand what really happened at the ending of Andhadhun, the directorial masterpiece by Sriram Raghavan. If you want the entire plot synopsis, go here – Andhadhun Plot: Things You Might Have Missed. Here’s the truth about what Akash did in the end. This is the Andhadhun ending explained, spoilers ahead. You can … Read more

Andhadhun Plot: Things You Might Have Missed

Andhadhun Explained

In an ocean of Bollywood films that make you want to gnaw on your own leg, Andhadhun is a well-directed film by Sriram Raghavan. The movie has a good cast and sees the musically talented Ayushmann Khurrana in the lead role. It also includes Tabu, Radhika Apte, Anil Dhawan, and Zakir Hussain to name a … Read more

A Quiet Place (2018) : Movie Plot Holes Explained

a quiet place explained

Acclaimed to be one of the best horror/thriller films of this time, A Quiet Place is a story about Earth that has had an attack leading to killer creatures crawling in search of blood to terrorize y’all’s neighborhood. The film’s actor John Krasinski is also the director. His co-star is his real-life wife, Emily Blunt. … Read more

Snowpiercer (2013) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Snowpiercer Explained

Joon-ho Bong, the fantastic South Korean director who made films like Mother, the Oscar winner Parasite, The Host, and Memories of Murder, brings us Snowpiercer. Straight away, it is clear that this action-packed film is not going to be anything like a Hollywood production. The Snowpiercer cast includes Chris Evans, Kang-ho Song, Ed Harris, John … Read more

The Babysitter (2017) : Movie Explained In Short

The Babysitter Explained

Who or What is Bee? In the movie Babysitter, Bee is most likely a witch, maybe even the devil (Beelzebub), and like most witches, she’s beautiful and has been performing sacrificial rituals to power herself. Her routine also needs a little blood from an innocent. While it is not mentioned how long but a long … Read more

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