Run Movie Explained (Plot And Ending)

Run Movie Explained Ending

The movie Run is a 2020 psychological drama directed by Aneesh Chaganty, who also brought us interesting films like Searching and Missing. It follows the story of a wheelchair-bound girl who is supported by her seemingly struggling single mother. But one day, she discovers there are some secrets in that household that could shatter her life. The film … Read more

Black Bear Movie Explained (Plot & Ending)

Black Bear Explained Ending

Black Bear is a psychological drama written and directed by Lawrence Michael Levine. It stars Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Abbott, and Sarah Gadon in prominent roles. The film follows Allison, a moviemaker at a B&B looking to work on her script. However, the tranquil setting soon becomes the stage for confronting her inner turmoil. Here’s the … Read more

Anatomy Of A Fall Ending Explained: Who did it?

Anatomy Of A Fall Ending Explained - What really happened?

The 2023 Palme d’Or winner, Anatomy Of A Fall, is a well-scripted French crime drama that follows the proceedings of a court case where a woman is tried for the murder of her husband, which she claims was a suicide. While the film doesn’t spell it out, it leans to one of the three possibilities – accident, suicide, … Read more

Eileen: Differences Between The Book And Movie

Eileen Differences between the Book and Movie

This spoiler-filled article outlines all the differences between the book and the movie Eileen. So make sure you’ve watched or read it before you continue on. For a detailed film analysis, check out this Eileen Plot And Ending Explained article. Alright, let’s jump straight in. Eileen Book Vs Movie: Rebecca – Is she real or not? When … Read more

Eileen Movie Ending Explained (Was Rebecca Real?)

Eileen Ending Explained Was Rebecca Real

Eileen is a 2023 crime drama directed by William Oldroyd and is based on a book by the same name. A lonesome girl begins her friendship with a new colleague at a juvenile prison facility and discovers a secret that changes everything for her. Thomasin McKenzie has done a fantastic job in this film, a … Read more

Midnight Special Explained (Plot And Ending)

Midnight Special Movie Explained

Midnight Special is a sci-fi drama directed by Jeff Nichols, depicting the pursuit of a boy with supernatural abilities by the government and a religious cult, unravelling mysteries of faith and the extraordinary as the boy’s father tries to protect him. The cast has Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver and Jaeden Martell … Read more

Piaffe Movie Explained (Plot And Ending)

Piaffe movie explained ending

Piaffe is a French psychological drama directed by Ann Oren. The film is centred on Eva, a quiet person who takes over her sibling Zara’s job as a Foley artist when Zara has a breakdown. Then, something strange happens—Eva grows a horsetail. Oh, and the tail is merely the starting point of all bizarreness. If … Read more

Blue Ruin Ending Explained: Who dies?

Blue Rain movie Ending Explained

Blue Ruin is a revenge crime drama written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. The film has a great cast and is quite gripping as it reveals the past in chunks purely through dialogues – neat screenplay. It’s pretty straightforward, really, but the film left some questions for a few. So, here’s Blue Ruin’s ending explained, … Read more