Suzume Explained (Daijin, Sadaijin, Chair, Mother)

Suzume Movie Explained Ending

Suzume is a 2022 Japanese Anime romantic fantasy written and directed by the amazing Makoto Shinkai, whose Your Name blew our minds. The movie follows a young girl who encounters a young man searching for abandoned areas with doors and ends up helping him prevent a supernatural Worm from causing earthquakes across Japan. As always, … Read more

Frequencies (2013) Movie Explained (Plot And Ending)

Frequencies 2013 movie explained

Frequencies is a science fiction film exploring the concept of a world where people are assigned a specific frequency at birth. It is a low-budget independent film released in 2013. The movie was not a commercial success by box office standards; it gathered a relatively small amount of money. However, it got positive reviews from … Read more

Upside Down: Movie Explained (Plot Holes Discussed)

Upside Down Movie Explained Ending Plot Holes

The genre of sci-fi transports you to another world. Good science fiction movies have the right balance of surrealism and reality. When you watch these films, you experience transcendence speckled with magic in a land of speculation. Does the 2012 romantic sci-fi film Upside Down check all these boxes? This review will dive deep into the film … Read more

Bubble Explained | Anime Plot And Ending Explained

bubble anime explained ending

Bubble is a 2022 Japanese anime romantic fantasy film directed by Tetsurō Araki, who brought us many episodes of the anime series Death Note. The film is set in a dystopian Tokyo, which no longer follows the classic laws of gravity thanks to the arrival of mysterious bubbles that wreaked havoc. It’s not a film … Read more

Mr. Nobody: Plot And Ending Explained

Mr. Nobody explained ending

During its ten years of production, Mr. Nobody (2009), a romantic fantasy directed by Jaco Van Dormel, became the main hope of European auteur cinema, but this film made a mixed impression. Some people found an empty pathos of eternal questions without any attempt at a clear answer, but for others, the film was a … Read more

The Door Into Summer: Explained (Japanese Film)

the door into summer explained ending

The Door Into Summer is a 2021 Japanese romantic science-fiction directed by Takahiro Miki. The plot follows an inventor who is tricked by his girlfriend and business partner to find himself in a bizarre situation where his future will become his past. The film is based on Robert A Heinlein’s novel by the same name. The movie … Read more

Little Fish: Ending Explained (2020 Movie)

little fish ending explained

Little Fish is a 2020 romantic drama directed by Chad Hartigan. The film is set in a world affected by a virus that wipes out people’s memories. Amid this pandemic, the story follows one couple struggling to hang on to their relationship and memories of each other. Ironically the Covid-19 pandemic delayed the release of the film. The … Read more

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things: Ending Explained

Map of Tiny Perfect Things Ending Explained

The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon Prime is a romantic timeloop movie directed by Ian Samuels. The plot sees two individuals trapped in one day that loops infinitely. Yes, Groundhog Day, Triangle and Edge Of Tomorrow are what you are thinking, yes, this movie references these films as well. The cast has Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen … Read more