Abigail Explained: What were the vampire rules?

Abigail Movie Explained Ending

Abigail is a 2024 action horror movie which follows a group that kidnaps a young ballerina and soon learns that her father is no ordinary person. I know that is vague, but anything more will spoil the film which is otherwise a fun ride; do check it out! Here’s the plot and ending of Abigail … Read more

Loki Season 1 Recap (Quick. Complete. Simplified)

Loki Season 1 Recap Quick Explanation

Looking for a short summary and recap of the entire season 1 of Loki? This article has everything you need to remember the story so far to jump right into season 2 of Loki. For a detailed analysis, check out – Loki Season 1 Sacred Timeline Explained. Here’s the quick recap of Loki Season 1 … Read more

The Entire Spider-Verse Explained (All Spidey Movies)

Spider-Man Entire Spider-Verse Explained

Over the decades, we have seen a variety of Spider-Man movies and TV shows, but each one seems to have a slightly different origin story, characters, and storylines. This is because each of these Spider-People is from a variety of parallel universes. I thought it would be handy to summarize the Spider-People you have encountered … Read more

Bullet Train Movie Explained (Every Question Answered)

Bullet Train Movie Explained

Bullet Train is a 2022 action comedy (dark) directed by David Leitch. The film follows a contractor sent to steal a case of money from a bullet train, and chaos ensues. The film has a giant cast with Brad Pitt in the lead and a ton of familiar faces, including Joey King, Hiroyuki Sanada and … Read more

Super 8: Explained In Detail

Super 8 Explained Ending Movie

Super 8 is a movie directed by J J Abrams and produced by Stephen Spielberg. Writing about it almost ten years later, it would be better to lead with the current favourite in this genre, Stranger Things. If you love Stranger things and you miss the show’s vibe, you might want to watch Super 8 … Read more

Dunkirk Explained Simply (Plot Analysis And Ending)

Dunkirk Explained Simply Plot Ending

Historical films are challenging to make. It will quickly become a documentary if it is just an objective representation. If adapted too much, it may be criticized for not respecting history. But Nolan has always been open-minded and has withstood the test again. Hitler, Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, and even the German army don’t show … Read more

Equilibrium Movie Explained: A Hidden Sci-Fi Gem?

Equilibrium movie explained

Nineteen Eighty-Four mixed with futuristic elements, gun kata, and Matrix-esque aesthetics—Kurt Wimmer recreates an enthralling blend in his action-thriller Equilibrium, released in 2002. The story unfolds in a dystopian future where a post-WWIII world falls into tyranny and totalitarianism. Libria, a new state ruled by Father, makes all sorts of emotions illegal, just like the things … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home Explained (Heavy Spoilers)

spider man no way home explained

Spider-Man: No Way Home has really upped the game again for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Avengers: Endgame, the MCU was getting a little dull, but now they’re back in the game. In this article, we will go over all the spoilers, analysis of the plot, characters and the ending of Spider-Man No Way Home. Once … Read more