The Incident Movie Explained: What Did It All Mean?

the incident explained ending

The Incident (El Incidente) is a 2014 Mexican Spanish psychological thriller written and directed by Isaac Ezban, who also brought us Parallel. The plot has groups of people trapped in different infinite spaces, like a bottomless stairwell and an endless road. It all sort of comes together to put a metaphorical twist on life. Do give it a … Read more

Bubble Explained | Anime Plot And Ending Explained

bubble anime explained ending

Bubble is a 2022 Japanese anime romantic fantasy film directed by Tetsurō Araki, who brought us many episodes of the anime series Death Note. The film is set in a dystopian Tokyo, which no longer follows the classic laws of gravity thanks to the arrival of mysterious bubbles that wreaked havoc. It’s not a film … Read more

Tumbbad: Explained (Story And Ending)

Tumbbad explained ending

Tumbbad is a 2018 Hindi horror film directed by Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi and Adesh Prasad. The plot is centred on a man whose greed drives him to find a hidden treasure guarded by a cursed god. The cast is loaded with fabulous theatre actors, and they’ve all done such a fantastic job. I … Read more

Fresh Movie Ending Explained (In Short)

Fresh Movie Ending Explained

Fresh Movie: Plot And Ending Explained In Short (Spoilers) The 2022 movie Fresh is centred on Noa, a young woman tired of men treating her like a piece of meat. Along comes Prince Charming, Steve, and they meat the hell out of each other. It turns out Noa has gone from the frying pan into … Read more

The Door Into Summer: Explained (Japanese Film)

the door into summer explained ending

The Door Into Summer is a 2021 Japanese romantic science-fiction directed by Takahiro Miki. The plot follows an inventor who is tricked by his girlfriend and business partner to find himself in a bizarre situation where his future will become his past. The film is based on Robert A Heinlein’s novel by the same name. The movie … Read more

Censor Movie Explained (Plot And Ending Explained)

censor movie explained

Censor is a 2021 psychological thriller written and directed by Prano Bailey-Bond, and this is her first full-length feature film. The movie is set in the 80s and follows a censor in charge of approving Video Nasties. One of the films she is reviewing reminds her of an incident involving her sister, and she sets off looking … Read more

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