It Comes At Night Explained (Ending & Plot Analysis)

It Comes At Night explained ending

It Comes At Night is a horror thriller written and directed by Trey Edward Shults. The film follows a family trying to survive a pandemic in a post-apocalyptic world. While the summary sounds similar to A Quiet Place or Bird Box, it’s not an action flick. The film is a well-grounded drama and feels very … Read more

Abigail Explained: What were the vampire rules?

Abigail Movie Explained Ending

Abigail is a 2024 action horror movie which follows a group that kidnaps a young ballerina and soon learns that her father is no ordinary person. I know that is vague, but anything more will spoil the film which is otherwise a fun ride; do check it out! Here’s the plot and ending of Abigail … Read more

Talk To Me Ending Explained (What Happened To Mia & Riley)

Talk To Me explained ending

Talk To Me is a 2022 horror movie directed by the YouTube duo Danny and Michael Philippou. The film is centred on a mysterious hand sculpture which can conjure spirits. A group of teens decide to have a bit of morbid fun, and as one can expect, things go horribly wrong. It’s an exciting film with an … Read more

Evil Dead Rise: Explained: Lily Sullivan’s Demonic Delight

Evil Dead Rise Explained

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series is an undeniable outlier in horror franchises. This iconic series, known for its unique blend of gory horror and dark humor, has managed to captivate audiences for over four decades. With each installment, it has consistently delivered the thrills and chills that have become synonymous with the name Evil Dead. … Read more

Doctor Sleep: Plot And Ending Explained

Doctor Sleep Explained Ending

Doctor Sleep is a 2019 psychological horror sequel to the movie The Shining based on the book by the same name. The film is directed by Mike Flanagan, who’s brought us Gerald’s Game and Oculus. It stars Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson in the leading roles. The film follows Danny’s life decades after The Shining’s events. Do give this one … Read more

Smile Movie Ending Explained (All Questions Answered)

Smile Movie Ending Explained

Smile is a 2022 horror movie written and directed by Parker Finn. The story follows a therapist who is haunted by visions of people smiling at her after she witnesses a girl commit suicide in front of her, smiling. Here’s a plot and the ending of the movie Smile explained in short; spoilers ahead. Smile … Read more

M3GAN Ending Explained

M3GAN explained ending in short

M3GAN is a 2022 Sci-Fi Horror directed by Gerard Johnstone. The movie follows a roboticist who creates a life-like doll named M3GAN as a companion for a child. As the bot becomes increasingly erratic and violent, the roboticist must confront the dangerous consequences of her creation – basically, Chucky meets Terminator. Here is the plot … Read more

The Visit Explained (Plot And Ending)

The Visit Movie Explained Ending

The Visit is a 2015 horror thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It follows two siblings who visit their estranged grandparents only to discover something is very wrong with them. As the children try to uncover the truth, they are increasingly terrorized by their grandparents’ bizarre behaviour. Here’s the plot and ending of The Visit explained; spoilers ahead. … Read more

The Movie Barbarian Explained (Every Question Answered)

Barbarian Movie Explained

Barbarian is a 2022 horror thriller written and directed by Zach Cregger. The film is centred on a house where two people get double booked for a stay in a desolate neighbourhood. The plot is interesting, especially the first half. While the film keeps the chills, it starts losing coherence and leaves a lot of unaddressed questions. Let’s … Read more