Things To Do In Venice in Two Days

venice square

We came in to Venice via the intercity train from Milano. Again, stations don’t expect tourists to come with bags. Get ready to carry your bags up many stairs. When you mention Venice everybody pictures the most romantic place in Italy. There are many parts to Venice. The most popular tourist spot that is called … Read more

Things To Do In Milan in Two Days

milan tram

We got into Milano from La Spezia via the intercity train. Milan is the beautiful city and is acclaimed to be the fashion capital of Italy. It is the headquarters of many of the top brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace and Prada. While it is spoken to be like NY or Dubai … Read more

Things To Do In La Spezia in Two Days

la spezia

We got into La Spezia from Florence via the intercity train. The platform doesn’t really have escalators or lifts. But it does have disabled passenger assistance. If you are patient and are able to keep the call button pressed for 5 min, you can surely ride up or down one floor. I did not understand … Read more

Things To Do In Florence In Three Days

michelangelo square

We got into Firenze from Napoli Centrale via the intercity train. Florence has a good train station with some decent options for lunch and dinner. We grabbed lunch here before heading to our stay. Florence is a quiet city with connectivity through busses only. It’s definitely more a city as compared to Naples but has … Read more

Things To Do In Naples In Three Days

naples city

We got into Napoli via the intercity train from Roma. We were picked up by our AirBnB host. He gave us a quick little tour of the city and took us to a spot where we could see an aerial view of the Naples Bay. Beautiful. Naples is a beautiful, tiny town with tiny streets … Read more

Things To Do In Rome in Two and Half Days


Let me start with the obvious. Rome needs time. There is lots to see. Keep 3 full days at the minimum. We fell short of time. Here’s what you can do in Rome in two and a half days. Getting Around The metro is quite well connected. Line C is still being connected to Line … Read more

Italy In 15 Days (from India)

italy flag

Italy is a beautiful country with fantastic sights, friendly people, great food & wine and addictive desserts. We traveled and holidayed through various cities of Italy over the course of almost 16 days. This article is a recap of the trip in case anyone is looking for tips on planning their travel to Italy from … Read more