Navarasa: Project Agni Plot And Ending Explained

Project Agni is Episode 3 from the series Navarasa, and this specific episode is directed by Karthick Naren. The story is centred on a scientist who presents a revelation to a friend that would change the very nature of life. The script references Interstellar, but it draws many of its concepts from The Matrix, including the visuals on the computer screen. So you’ll need to take this one with a spoon of salt. Here’s the plot and ending of Navasara: Project Agni explained; spoilers ahead.

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Navarasa: Project Agni: Plot Explained

Let’s take it from the top.

What is Vishnu’s theory about the simulation?

The theory that Vishnu proposes is precisely what was presented in The Matrix – that the world we live in is an artificial simulation. There is a real world, and then there is the simulation world which is a dream state. Everyone in the simulation is connected together in a singular network created by an intelligent alien race. Project Agni further speculates that the past, present and the future are only illusions and exist simultaneously. It’s our minds that make up the chronology of time. Vishnu says that something happened on 21st December 2012 that led to instability in the dream world, which will eventually destroy the simulated world.

Project Agni: What is drifting? What is the “terrible” thing Vishnu did?

Vishnu used the help of a specific drug that he calls Solution A to get himself into a “drift” state where he broke free of the present and re-lived his past. It’s like time travel, but he didn’t carry any memories of the present with him when he went back in time. So, in effect, he relived most of his life once again. But the terrible thing he did was to make a subconscious alteration that led to him not meeting his wife and, therefore, never having a son. Vishnu used his subconscious mind to “re-write” the simulation.

Why does Vishnu have superpowers?


Once Vishnu went into the drift-state, his mind got free from the rules of the simulation. Therefore he can lift a car with a thought or project visuals of himself and other people.

Who is Kalki? What did he do?

Kalki was Vishnu’s assistant who helped him set up the Drifter. Like Vishnu, Kalki also used the device to drift; once he returned, he too could manipulate the simulation using his subconscious. This is what we see in the form of a flashback where we are shown two Kalkis and him standing on the terrace and controlling a lake at a distance. Kalki, overwhelmed by his new powers, began feeling superior to other humans. Sensing a threat, Vishnu immediately fired Kalki. Unfortunately, Kalki stole the blueprints to the Drifter machine as he left. But he doesn’t have the formula (the drug) that enables drifting.

Why does Vishnu call Krishna?

Krishna is a friend of Vishu’s who works in ISRO and wants to entrust him with the truth about the simulation and the drifting process. Vishnu hopes that Krishna will convince his company to help track down Kalki before he can cause havoc.

Navarasa: Project Agni: Ending Explained

Episode 3 Project Agni Who is Kalki

The ending of Project Agni reveals that the person we thought was Krishna was actually Kalki, who had altered his appearance to look like Krishna using his subconscious powers. Kalki learns of Krishna’s flight delay and impersonates him to successfully get his hands on the formula, with which he can complete his own version of the Drifter and take over the world!

If you remember, when Krishna (actually Kalki) first enters the home, he enquires about Vishnu’s son. Remember, Vishnu altered the simulation such that he never met his wife, and therefore, his son doesn’t exist. Everyone associated with his life, including the real Krishna, would not know of Vishnu’s son. Kalki, on the other hand, has already drifted, and he is free of the simulation. He retains the memory of Vishnu’s alternate life with a wife and child. In the end, when the real Krishna and his wife show up at the door, you’ll notice that neither of them brings up Vishnu’s family because, according to them, he’s single.

We get other clues early on when Krishna (actually Kalki) says, “Now I’ve got my answer“, when Vishnu talks about the drug. This is what Kalki has been hunting for, the missing piece in the puzzle to allow him to create his own Drifter machine.

The episode ends with the bad guy driving away with everything he needs. Even if Vishnu tries to alter the past by drifting, he will have no memories of Kalki tricking him and so there is no guarantee that drifting will alter the events in anyway. Early on, as Krishna (actually Kalki) says, “there is always a what-if“, that what we’re seeing is indeed a drift where Vishnu is trying to correct his mistake that can lead to doomsday, but is unsuccessful.