Where The Crawdads Sing Ending Explained: Did She Kill Chase?

Where The Crawdads Sing is a 2022 crime drama based on a book by the same name directed by Olivia Newman. The film revolves around a girl who grew up in the marsh alone and is accused of murdering a city boy. Daisy Edgar-Jones is terrific in this film and she is one to look out for. Without dabbling too much in just symbolisms and themes, here’s the plot and ending of the movie Where The Crawdads Sing explained in short; spoilers ahead.

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Where The Crawdads Sing Ending Explained: Did she kill him?

Crawdads Ending Did Kya Kill Chase?

The ending of the movie Where The Crawdads Sing reveals that Kya Clark indeed murdered Chase Andrews because she realizes he would never stop coming back for her and that sometimes for prey to live, its predator must die.

How did Kya kill Chase?

It is precisely how the lawyer states it. 11:30 PM, without a single witness seeing her, she catches the last bus from Greenville to Barkley Cove and rides that bus disguised since neither of the bus drivers that night could identify her as a passenger, all the way back to Barkley Cove.

And then, in less than an hour, she tracks down Chase Andrews in the middle of the night, lures him to the tower, murders him, wipes away all physical evidence, and catches the 2:30 AM bus back to Greenville. Again, without a single witness seeing her. And after doing all that, she meets with her publishers the following day, unruffled.

Did the lawyer know?

No, the lawyer finds it impossible for Kya to do something like this, and that’s why he narrates it to the jury. The jury believes it would have been highly unlikely for Kya to have done something elaborate like this and pardons her.

Why did Kya kill Chase?

Kya understood that Chase was the kind of predator who always needed the last word. He would never leave Kya alone and would constantly hound her and hurt her. We see him beat her up and almost rape her. After that, he comes to her house looking for her and completely wrecks the home. Kya projects that her life will constantly involve hiding in fear, and the only way for her to be free is by killing Chase.

That said, she’s not just some cold-blooded murderer. She was abandoned by her mother, siblings and father at a very early age and was left to fend for herself. While she’s a shy, meek person, she grew up learning the ways of the marsh. Her survival instinct and moral values differ from those of the city dwellers who are a part of their society. This is why she is able to view Chase as the predator who must be eliminated and feels no guilt for it.

Why did Chase wear the necklace?

Chase wanted to have the cake and eat it too. He married Pearl because of his social status and wanted to continue having a relationship with Kya on the side. He wore the necklace because he was obsessed with Kya in a very toxic way.

Film’s Connection To Crawdads Explained (Movie Title Meaning)

The crawdads in the title represent more than just small water creatures with protective shells. They’re like a symbol. Just like Kya says, “People forget about the creatures who live in shells” she is hidden from the town folks who don’t like her. Also, within her shell, she is a delicate person, much like the crawdads. The title also links to Kya’s mother’s advice about exploring the woods and understanding nature’s whispers. The crawdads aren’t literally singing, but they stand for Kya’s journey, survival, and her connection with nature in the story. The ending of Where the Crawdads Sing movie and book doesn’t spell any of that out; it’s left for us to ponder the deeper meaning.

Where The Crawdads Sing: Frequently Asked Questions

Where The Crawdads Sing: Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Tate?

Tate doesn’t return to Kya after joining college as he gets cold feet, but he truly loves Kya, realizes his mistake, and returns to be with her after 5 years. After the case, the two get back and grow old together until Kya finally dies. After this, Tate finds her old diary with the hidden necklace and realizes that she had killed Chase back in the day.

Why did her mom leave? What happened to Ma after that?

After one point, all the physical abuse makes Kya’s mom’s mind snap. Ma leaves in her alligator shoes and lands at her sister Rosemary’s place. She doesn’t talk for months, then about a year later, she remembers she has children. She takes the help of Rosemary to write a letter to Pa.

What did the letter say? What was in the letter from the mother?

Kya’s mom’s letter states that she wants to come and get her children. The dad gets furious and destroys the letter. In secret, Pa writes a letter to the mother warning her that if she ever came back, he’d beat the kids unrecognizable.

Why did her family leave her?

The family doesn’t leave Kya; they run for their lives. After the mother leaves, each of the children gets physically abused by Pa. Unable to bear with it, they flee. Kya’s brother advises her to run for it, too, but she decides to stay on. 

What happened to Pa (the dad)?

Once everyone leaves Pa, he tries to get along with his daughter, Kya. But eventually, after getting that letter from the mother, he bails on his daughter, leaving her to fend for herself alone in the marsh. One can only imagine that Pa drank himself to death somewhere.

What’s the relevance Of feathers in Where The Crawdads Sing?

In the film, Kya’s bond with Tate is symbolized by the feathers he gifts her. These feathers represent nature’s discarded beauty, much like how the townspeople overlook Kya. To Kya, feathers are precious and unique; she collects and cherishes them. Tate, a pivotal character, initiates their friendship by gifting her feathers. As their relationship turns romantic, feathers become a heartfelt way of expressing love and staying connected. Feathers symbolize affection and communication between Kya and Tate in this young adult drama while reinforcing the rejection of Kya.

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