Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost: Movie Analysis

Being the seventh movie of the Jesse Stone franchise, Jesse Stone Innocents Lost is another thrilling murder mystery, featuring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, a “not your every day” cop who shoulders various responsibilities and a heavy heart. Micheal Brandman, the writer, and producer, made this movie worthwhile.

Not only is the Jesse Stone franchise one of the most popular series of dramatic thrillers, but the dark and spine-chilling theme of the seventh movie is also on a different level.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost: Cast

The movie is an excellent blend of mystery, drama, and thriller and features an array of popular and experienced actors and actresses. The following personalities star this masterpiece of a movie:

  • Tom Selleck stars as Jesse Stone.
  • Kathy Baker plays Rose Gammon.
  • Kohl Sudduth is playing Luther “Suitcase” Simpson.
  • Stephen McHattie stars as Commander Healy.
  • William Sadler plays the role of Gino Fish.
  • Saul Rubinek playing the role of Hasty Hathaway
  • William Devane as Dr. Dix
  • Gloria Reuben as Thelma Gleffey
  • Mark Blum as Dr. Noble Parkinson
  • Eileen Boylan playing Cindy Van Alden
  • Mike Erwin casting as Lewis Lipinsky
  • Jeff Geddis playing William Butler
  • Rae Ritke is playing Jacqueline Van Alden.
  • Kerri Smith is playing Sister Mary John.
  • Val Ovtcharov as Valery Simonov
  • Stacey Smith plays the role of Administrator.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost: Plot

Spoilers ahead! The movie plot revolves around Tom Selleck, playing Jesse Stone, who is the main protagonist. Jesse was fired from his position as the police chief in the small town of Paradise in Massachusetts.

Even though the town was momentarily free from criminals, the new chief who replaced Jesse was much more incompetent in his job. The town council president removed Jesse Stone, and he installed his son-in-law, William Butler, as the new chief.

William was incapable of shouldering such responsibilities and irresponsible and was more concerned about the public image of the town rather than conducting an actual criminal investigation.

Jesse is not only depressed but mentally broken through all of the disastrous turns of events in his life, spending his troubled times getting drunk and in profound contemplation of his life, with his sole companion being his dog, a golden retriever named Boomer.

Besides his monotonous life, his former loyal colleagues at the crime department, Rose, played by Kathy Baker, and Suitcase (Kohl Sudduth), are also dealing with their new and annoying chief.

William’s incapability was visible when he declared the case of a dead young woman found in a car as suicide instead of conducting further investigation. Jesse Stone caught wind of this mishap, and coincidentally he knew the victim personally since he had previously met her and befriended her when she was caught for a DUI.

Jesse was determined to find out the cause of the death of the college student and investigate the roots of this case. At the same time, one of his old friends and colleague, State Homicide Commander Healy, played by Stephen McHattie, needs his assistance with another murder case in Boston.

This starts Jesse’s journey into another series of investigations, during which he unravels various stunning and mind-blowing discoveries and gets to know that even Jesse had contributed to the death of his posthumous friend.

While this happens, Jesse also has to simultaneously deal with the new chief of Police, William, who was determined to take away Jesse’s rights to carry a “concealed weapon.” At the same time, his efforts were thwarted by Rose, who helped prove that Jesse is lawfully allowed to carry a “concealed weapon” for life.

The movie clearly and vividly depicted Jesse’s struggles through his life, his professionalism as well as his ability to fight back when life turns its back on him. Jesse also has the persisting issue with his ex-wife, which he has to deal with and combat the drinking problem, which poses a major risk to his health and well-being.

Jesse was determined to be reinstated as the chief of police in Paradise. Through this movie, we enjoy a thrilling experience with the right amount of drama and mystery to showcase Jesse made it through all of this.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost: Is it worth watching?

YES! Not only this movie but all the movies in the Jesse Stone franchise are worth watching. Here you can find all the Jesse Stone movies in the correct order.

Tom Selleck did a remarkable job nailing the character of Jesse, he outperformed everyone and can be considered the star of the movie.

Reviving the essence of old-school methods of solving crime and mystery, this movie would take you back to when more brains were needed to solve a case through diligent effort and thrilling investigations rather than depending on technology.

Jesse and all the other characters in this movie have a detailed and profound personality to make the movie a one-person show. Everyone has their crisis, while Jesse is burdened with even greater consequences than others, to depict his struggles to his path of success.

The movie has good action and lots of awe-inspiring and brainstorming investigation scenes, which are the product of Brandman’s creative writing to make this movie’s every second worth watching. This refreshing yet intense movie is one more golden feather to the cap of the Jesse Stone franchise and is sure to fulfill all your cravings just from a single watch.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost: Final Thoughts

The movie is worthwhile and is a great watch for everyone. Every second of this movie is worth watching, and it has received positive reviews from Jesse Stone fans and critics, and casual movie lovers combined. It is one of the better mystery thrillers to binge-watch whenever you want. You would surely be satisfied from watching it, with its great cinematography and perfect balance of refreshing and intense moments.