Morgan (2016) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Morgan is Luke Scott’s first full-length feature film. It stars Anya Taylor-Joy (from Split) in the role of Morgan. The other lead actress is Kate Mara. We also see Michelle Yeoh in a short role. Sigh, the only bond girl that didn’t need any help from Mr. Bond at all. She’s reduced to a scientist with a few dialogues in this film. Enough with the rants, let’s go through the plot. Morgan’s a half-decent film, give it a watch before you read further. Here’s the plot and ending of the movie Morgan explained, spoilers ahead!

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Morgan: Plot Explanation

The film doesn’t have a lot of focus on the characters so I’ll simply step through the facts in chronological order.


There is a company called SynSect. They are into creating human hybrids. What they intend to do with these human hybrids is never talked of in the movie. But as all corporates doing stuff illegally, SynSect too perhaps intends to sell their tech for the wrong purposes – as secret weapons most likely. Doesn’t matter, that’s not what the movie is about.

SynSect first sees success with a stable prototype in their L4 series. This prototype they call – Lee Weathers (Kate). They use Lee to evaluate future models. This is the revelation at the end of the film, we’re not told this before. Lee is low on “its” emotions. So the company continues with further prototypes.


The next set of prototypes they work on is in Helsinki. This turns out to be a disaster as the 30 people team gets attacked by the prototypes and only 9 survive. There is no series associated with these prototypes. The event is simply referred to as Helsinki.

The L-9 series is being worked upon in the facility with Dr. Simon Ziegler. They have a couple of failures but finally, they have a stable prototype. They call this prototype Morgan. Morgan shows a rapid rate of growth and emotional connection. The team consists of:

  • Dr. Simon Ziegler
  • Dr. Lui Cheng
  • Dr. Amy Menser
  • Dr. Kathy Grieff
  • Dr. Darren Finch
  • Dr. Brenda Finch
  • Skip Vronsky
  • Ted Brenner


They all celebrate the birth of their human hybrid, Morgan. Morgan grows to love her family of scientists. Morgan turns 5 years old but her rapid rate of growth makes her appear 19 years old.

One day, Amy decides to take Morgan outside the perimeter to show her around the forest. Amy also tells Morgan that she will take her to Lake Navar. But in this trip, Morgan sees an injured deer and kills it by breaking its neck. The team is concerned about Amy taking Morgan outside the safety perimeter. They forbid Morgan from going out for security reasons. Morgan has her first break down and in her anger, she stabs Kathy in the eye. This is where the movie begins.


Lee is sent under the pretext of a Risk Management personnel to investigate. Lee begins her investigation to know more. Everyone feels that Morgan only made a mistake. They have all become too close to Morgan and are overlooking the obvious. That repeatedly stabbing someone in the eye can’t be a good thing. Morgan is kept securely in a glassed room. Morgan is shown to have extra sensory perception as she knows information about people visiting. Oddly, in spite her powers to know who Lee is Morgan is unable to say that Lee is not human. Strange. Let’s ignore that and continue.

Dr. Alan Shapiro

Dr. Alan Shapiro is sent in for a psych evaluation. He, not fearing for his life and being incredibly over confident of not getting repeatedly stabbed, taunts Morgan extremely. For that, he gets hiss throat ripped out by Morgan. Stabbing would have been a better outcome. Not only does his clothes get bloody, he dies. Lee shoots a tranquilizer at Morgan and subdues her. The order is now to terminate Morgan as she is deemed unstable. Simon and Lui leave the scene as they can do nothing further to protect Morgan. But the team can’t get themselves to terminate her and shoot a tranquilizer dart at Lee instead. When Lee wakes up, she is kept in the glassed room where Morgan was earlier.

Morgan considers everyone to be a threat as they were going to terminate her as she doesn’t know what happens when she is unconscious. Morgan only considers Amy to be a friend (because of the lake promise). The dying begins. The first to get killed is Darren – lethal injection to the chest. The next to go is Ted – shot to the chest and head. Kathy follows – face kicked in and neck snapped. By now, Simon assumes that Morgan has been terminated and in sorrow hangs himself to death. Lui Cheng is the next to go – suffocation. Brenda tries to act smart by going fist to fist with Morgan and is the next to go – bludgeoned by Morgan’s fist. Morgan takes Amy and leaves, Amy is still the only one Morgan doesn’t consider a threat. Amy is scared shitless and goes with Morgan.

Lake Navar

Lee pursues in her car and is driven into a tree by Morgan. Skip follows and they continue following Morgan. They reach Lake Navar. Lee goes in after Morgan. The two fight. Morgan seems to be quite adept at hand to hand combat and is able to slam Lee onto the root of a tree. Lee is impaled and assumed to be dying. Morgan doesn’t know Lee is also a hybrid and thinks she’s left her there to die. Morgan joins Amy at the lake. Amypoints a gun at Morgan asking her to stop. Morgan is distracted. Lee appears from behind and pushes Morgan into the lake. She then drowns Morgan.

Lee kills Amy – headshot. She goes back to where Skip is and the poor cook gets a bullet to his brain too. Lee has killed all the witnesses to the events. Lee goes and reports back to corporate.

Morgan: Ending Explained

The last scene has the company’s heads talking about Lee and the mission. This is where they disclose that the L-9 model (Morgan) was a failure. Though its emotional development was certainly remarkable, the immediate termination was an unfortunate but clear necessity. They claim the success of the L-4 model (Lee) – old dogs hunt the best. The movie ends with Lee sitting and looking at both sides of her hands just like Morgan did during the psych evaluation.

The scene does not mean that Morgan has somehow transferred her consciousness into Lee’s mind. No. Morgan has a bit of extrasensory perception but nothing shown in the movie points to Morgan’s capability to control another person’s mind. That last scene has Lee sitting and looking at her hands because he has just attacked and terminated people. Morgan too looks at her hands because she had attacked Kathy and terminated that deer. Looks like it’s just something that these models seem to do when they attack or terminate things. The movie ends with the company making a decision to roll out the L-4 stream for further development and continue with their evil corporate plans.