Thoroughbreds Ending Explained In Short (2017 Movie)

Thoroughbreds on Netflix is a 2017 crime drama directed by Cory Finley. The film revolves around two young girls getting together to hatch a plan to solve a most pressing domestic problem. Towards the climax, the plot takes a 180-degree turn to expose each of the characters for what they really are. The Thoroughbreds cast has Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke in the lead roles. Here’s a short plot synopsis and the ending of the movie Thoroughbreds explained; spoilers ahead.

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Thoroughbreds Ending Explained


The ending of Thoroughbreds shows us that what appears to be a story about an abusive stepdad turns around to reveal itself as a story about a spoilt, entitled rich kid, Lily, with psychopath tendencies turn into a full-blown murderer.


The irony in the film is that Amanda, the girl incapable of any feelings, is actually more compassionate than Lily. At the beginning of Thoroughbreds, Amanda kills the horse because it was suffering with broken legs. Amanda was also willing to sacrifice her life for the benefit and well-being of her only friend Lily. Though Amanda was okay to be framed for murder, she was never willing to do the evil deed.


I’m glad that Ted did the right thing, and walked away from the heinous plan of Amanda and Lily as his life would have been completely wrecked. It would have been far too easy for the authorities to trace the killing bullet back to the gun in his possession. We also see that Ted cleans up over time and takes up a regular job and isn’t the junkie Amanda claims he’d become.

Thoroughbreds was one of Anton Yelchin’s last films, along with Rememory that year before a freak accident killed him. In case you didn’t know, on June 18, 2016, Anton happened to park his SUV at home, step out and walk to the gate to check for mail. Unfortunately, he didn’t put the vehicle on parking (or his handbrakes were not engaged). The SUV silently rolled down the slope and smashed and wedged Anton between itself and the gate post, crushing the poor chap to death. 😕

Thoroughbreds Final Thoughts

Thoroughbreds is a decent take on an upper-class, misguided, entitled kid. The film places a classic stereotype like an evil stepdad who’s out to get Lily and her mother. The plot then unveils that he’s not all terrible, and Lily is the one over-reacting. And that Lily’s ulterior motive to get back in touch with Amanda was to use her lack of emotions to kill the stepdad. That said, Anya’s character doesn’t earn any empathy even in the beginning as she is cold and distant; in fact, none of the characters do, except Tim. This disconnect from the characters makes Thoroughbreds largely a one-time watch.

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