10 Movies That Inspire To Write

Writing is great, but unfortunately, you cannot have endless inspiration. Very often, even the best and most popular authors lack inspiration. You just have no thoughts and no lust for writing. It is good if you write for yourself and no one depends on you, and you do not depend on anyone. However, if you are a student who needs to create an essay urgently, you cannot wait to be inspired.

Who can inspire me to write? This is the question many students and freelancers usually ask. If you have a terrible writer’s block, you can consider custom essay writing services that may help you cope with the lack of inspiration however there are other ways.

Some students need to describe or review specific movies in essays, while others are looking for inspiring movies to write their essays on. Whatever you are struggling with, check the following selection of inspiring movies that will make you one of the more creative writers in your circles (or in your college).

1. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia is a real-life story about a blogger directed in 2009. If you have not seen this movie yet, you definitely should. Julie is a blogger who cooks based on recipes of Julia Child and writes about them.

The history of Julia Child is highlighted very well in this film. Though everything seems quite banal at the beginning, the plot turns around unexpectedly. The movie is very interesting since it connects two stories from different times. The two main characters of the story never meet, and neither they have never met in real life.

Do check out this story of a blogger, her struggles, and the ways she copes with them.

2. Misery


Misery was directed in 1990 based on one of the best-selling novels of Stephen King written in 1987. As one can guess, this is not a comedy but rather an irony. The film grabs the attention of many writers as the plot is centered on a best-selling novelist.

This is the only movie based on King’s novels has won an Academy Award. If you are a fan of psychological horrors, this movie is for you. You will find it scary, exciting and yet very inspiring. The movie makes writers think hard about their goals and priorities.

3. Almost Famous

Almost Famous

The story of a sheltered writer who is just 15 years old who is working on his freelance assignment for the Rolling Stone magazine. The plot grabs your attention from the very first minute. You will love the characters and the very realistic plot.

The story is semi-autobiographical, and this makes it even more captivating. The main character’s love for rock music is central to the film. The struggle character for inspiration and writing is something very noticeable and analysis worthy.

4. Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love

One of the best stories about writers that will make you feel the spirit of England 400 years ago. It’s a light romantic comedy you’ll enjoy.

If you are a Shakespearean fan, the movie is for you. Even if you simply adore great historical movies, you will undoubtedly enjoy the film as well. The atmosphere is extremely accurate. There are plenty of themes to be observed and analyzed in this movie.

The film presents an interesting angle on how Romeo and Juliet was written. We get to witness how Shakespeare struggles and how suddenly he finds his inspiration. Who else, if not this greatest writer, can be the best example for modern writers?

5. You’ve Got Mail

You've Got Mail

If you are a writer or just a student who needs good movies to write about, the movie You’ve Got Mail is just the thing for you. It is both exciting to write your own piece of literature and just an amazing story to review in your essay or movie review.

The plot is focused on the book industry. Today, you have the luxury to use the Internet to help you write and find great ideas. However, this story takes place in times when the Internet was just appearing as a way of communication.

Two people who are nearly enemies in real life are the closest people online since they do not know each other. Their communication was anonymous. It is very inspiring because it shows how important and really romantic letter writing is.

6. Moonlight


The movie was directed in 2016. It is one of the best films to inspire writers, although the plot is far from writers’ routine. However, the story resonates with its viewers. The plot consists of three stages of life of one boy as he goes from being a teen to an adult.

Maybe you will not learn how to write from this movie, but you will get other inspirations and ideas for your assignments. Be aware of the choices of palette and tone in your stories.

7. Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

This movie is for you if you do not like literature yet. An English teacher will show you the beauty of literature and writing through his non-standard methods. If you still have no idea why language and literature are so exciting and brilliant, learn some tips and get inspired by watching this movie.

You will learn how literature can impact everyone’s soul. This story would be perfect for teachers, actually. However, if you are a student, you should watch it as well without any doubt. Writers will find it even more special.

8. Becoming Astrid (Swedish: Unga Astrid)

Becoming Astrid

This is a biographical drama directed in 2018 about the life of Swedish writer, Astrid Lindgren. Not many people have seen it since the movie was produced in Denmark and Sweden.

Astrid Lindgren is an author whose books are known to nearly every child in the world. Astrid Lindgren receives letters from kids from all corners of the globe. While working in a local newspaper, an 18-year-old girl falls in love with a chief editor who is 30 years older than her.

Astrid gets pregnant and goes to Denmark to give birth to her son Lars. Unfortunately, she must leave her son with a Danish family for a while until he is several years old. This is a true story of a writer who is admired all over the world.

Learn about the true struggles of people in those difficult times and see how, no matter what, they found inspiration to write and still enjoy life.

9. The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer is a well-known political thriller, the main character of which writes memoirs for a retired Prime Minister. He doesn’t assume the work can be hard and thinks everything will be easy. However, later on, the writer realizes how much he risks his own life since the information he manages to find out should have never been known to him.

10. The Words

the words

An amazingly inspiring movie about a writer who can’t find the inspiration and fails to submit the book on time. Suddenly, he finds a manuscript that seems quite interesting to him. Due to the lack of inspiration, the writer decides to submit it as his own. It turned out to be a big success, and he becomes extremely popular.

However, one day, his life turns into a nightmare when an unknown man says he knows the book he published was not written by him. If you are a student or author who is looking for inspiration online or from other sources, be careful of plagiarism.

The movie is a great reminder that we have to cite the sources properly no matter what we are writing. Even if you find brilliant words, remember they are written by someone else.