Fracture Movie Ending Explained (2007 Film)

Fracture is a 2007 crime drama film directed by Gregory Hoblit and stars Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Rosamund Pike, and Billy Burke in the lead roles. The movie is centered on a young attorney who finds himself in a case against a mastermind who he grossly underestimates. It’s a fantastic film and relatively straightforward with a neat twist at the end, and hence I’m going to keep this article short. Here’s a plot summary and ending of the movie Fracture explained.

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Fracture: Gun Switch Explained

How does Ted plan his crime?

  1. Ted finds out that his wife, Jennifer, is having an affair with Lt. Nunally.
  2. Ted purchases the exact same model of the gun Nunally possesses.
  3. One afternoon, Ted makes his way to the hotel where Nunally and Jennifer are and switches his gun with Nunally’s.
  4. Ted kills uses Nunally’s gun to shoot his wife, reloads the weapon, and when Nunally shows up, Ted switches the guns once again.
  5. Nunally is in shock and walks away with his gun, the murder weapon.
  6. Jennifer is admitted to a hospital although in a vegetative state with the bullet inside her head.
  7. After that, Ted pleads guilty, and due to the unavailability of a murder weapon, he is acquitted.
  8. Nunally kills himself, which turns out to be a bonus kill for Ted.

Fracture: Ending Scene Explained

Why does Ted get caught in the end?

  1. Ted decides to pull Jennifer off the respirator, thereby killing her.
  2. As a result, Willy is able to get the bullet that was lodged in Jennifer’s head.
  3. Willy matches the bullet to Nunally’s gun hence locating the murder weapon.
  4. Ted’s knowledge of Jennifer’s affair with Nunally now provides for a motive to have killed his wife.
  5. There is also a footage, although blurry, which shows Ted visiting the hotel room that Nunally and Jennifer were staying in.
  6. Double Jeopardy is a procedural defence that prevents an accused person from being tried again on the same charges and on the same facts, following a valid acquittal or conviction.
  7. In his haughtiness, knowing well about Double Jeopardy, Ted confesses that he shot his wife in the face.
  8. But Jennifer is now dead because Ted decided to unplug her. Ted’s first trial was for attempted murder, but now that he technically killed his wife, Willy states that this is a homicide and that makes for a new trial.
  9. The film ends with Ted surrounded by his top lawyers as a new trial begins. This doesn’t mean that Ted will end up in prison, but he’s going to have to put up a very tough fight to get acquitted.