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Bharat Krishna Swaminathan

Moon (2009) : Movie Plot Ending Explained

Yes, the name of the movie is Moon. It released in 2009 starring Sam Rockwell as the lonesome astronaut on the Moon. Kevin Spacey plays the voice of the robot GERTY on the Moon station, yeah, not one of the finest opportunities he picked up on. Remember the time Kevin Spacey decided to be Lex Luthor and his evil super villain plan was to sell land? This one is still better. Here’s the film Moon explained.

I only watched this movie recently. While it starts off nice and quick. It is a slow movie and given you bear with the speed of the movie, the ending revelation is not all that great. It’s more meh. Sam Rockwell plays Sam the astronaut who works on the Moon. He is on a 3 year work assignment. This story takes place in the year 2035 where the Lunar Industries has found an answer to Earth’s energy crises on the Moon. The idea is to have a person on the moon rotated every 3 years, harvest this alternate helium-3 energy and send it back to earth in batches.

Plot Explanation

Sam (Sam1) has 2 weeks of time left. He’s all excited to go back home. He starts hallucinating and ends up crashing his rover. I’ll cut straight to the chase. Lunar Industries is basically evil and instead of training more astronauts and sending one over every 3 months, they simply have a cloning unit on the Moon. The original Sam is never seen in the movie. The guy who wrecks the rover faints and is in the rover. Looks like the life span of a clone is around 3 years, which is why they are made to believe that they are on a 3 year mission to the Moon. Once they are done, they are told that they will be sent into hibernation and back to Earth. Instead, they are simply incinerated and gotten rid of. When Sam’s rover crashes, he’s presumed dead and GERTY revives the next Sam (Sam2). All of the clones are activated and told that they have just been in an accident. They are then told that they have just begun their 3 year mission. Sam2 is told the same thing.

We the audience, are made to confuse Sam1 with Sam2. Sam1 is still in the rover and is going to complete 3 years of service. Sam2 is told that there are some rescuers coming and Sam2 has to stay indoors. Sam2 doesn’t know about Sam1 but still suspects something is off. He heads out and finds Sam1’s rover and subsequently Sam1 and brings him back to the station. Here’s where we are confused as to why there are two Sams and which one is the clone. They are both clones. Sam1 is now falling apart because his 3 years is coming to a close. The clones are told that no live signal can reach the moon and only recordings sent by his family can be watched. However, Sam2 over hears GERTY having a live conversation so he smells something fishy.

The two Sams work together to find why they can’t get any signal out. They locate a jammer tower that stops all out bound signal. Sam1 drives past this point to call home. He finds out that his baby daughter is actually 15 years old and his wife has died. GERTY shows videos of earlier Sams who are asked to go into the “hibernation” chamber and incinerated instead. The two Sams find a hidden chamber with racks of sleeping clones. The “rescue” team on the way is also going to ensure both clones are dead if they are caught together. Sam2 wants Sam1 to escape to Earth on the pod, Sam1 is far too close to dying so he asks Sam2 to escape instead.

Ending Explained

Sam2 puts Sam1 in the rover so that the “rescue” team doesn’t suspect anything. GERTY helps out, because he’s a good robot, with a good heart. GERTY asks for Sam2 to reset him so that whoever goes through the logs will not find the sneaky sneaky that they have been up to. GERTY prepares the next clone Sam3 while Sam2 escapes. Sam1 stays alive long enough to watch Sam2’s pod escape to Earth. As the pod enters Earth, we are told that Sam2 wreaks havoc. He discloses about the clone program and how Lunar Industries is actually a Loony Industry to come up with a plot. Effectively looks like the company is down and out. What they don’t mention in the movie is Sam2 would have 3 years to live on Earth after which he will puke blood, loose his teeth, keel over and die. So much for a happy ending. Well, meh.