sense8 Cast And Easter Eggs In The Matrix: Resurrections

Are you a Matrix fan and have watched the latest instalment, The Matrix: Resurrections? But it turns out you are also a sense8 lover, then you have hit the jackpot. Lana Wachowski brings her sense8 family back including many of the actors from various countries and much of the crew to make Matrix Resurrections. Fun as it is to enter the nostalgic world of The Matrix, it is quite exciting to see the sense8 family together onscreen again. Here is a list of cast members from sense8 who have starred in the movie along with some Easter eggs The Matrix: Resurrections team left for the sensates!

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sense8 Easter Eggs In The Matrix: Resurrections

1. Toby Onwumere as Sequoia , (Capheus “Van Damme” Onyango in sense8)

Sequoia Capheus Van Damme Onyango

2. Michael X. Sommers as Skroce (Bug in sense8)

Matrix's Skroce is Bug in sense8

3. Eréndira Ibarra as Lexy (Daniela Velazquez in sense8)

Matrix's Lexy Daniela is Velazquez in sense8

4. Brian J. Smith as Berg (Will Gorski in sense8)

Berg is Will Gorski

5. Mumbi Maina as Ellster (Zakia Asalache in sense8)

Ellster is Zakia Asalache

6. Max Riemelt as Shepard (Wolfgang Bogdanow in sense8)

Matrix's Shepard is Wolfgang Bogdanow in sense8

7. Maximilian Mauff as Quillion (Felix Berner in sense8)

Quillion is Felix Berner

8. Purab Kohli as Zen (Rajan Rasal in sense8)

Zen is Rajan Rasal

9. Freema Agyeman as Astra (Amanita Caplan in sense8)

Astra is Amanita Caplan

10. L. Trey Wilson as Hanno (Amanita’s Dad #3 in sense8)

Hanno Amanitas Dad 3

11. The Key Shop

The key shop in which Bugs hides in the beginning of the movie while running away from the agents in the Modal is very similar to Felix and Wolfgang’s Key shop in sense8. It’s like they almost used the same setup but just added more elements. Maybe the key shop that Felix owned was an ode to the Keymaker himself to begin with.

Matrix Key Shop in sense8

12. Rise Of The Fall

sense8’s Lito Rodriguez’s movie “Rise Of The Fall” is running in the theatre from which Bugs and Young Morpheus come running out.

Lito Rodriguez's movie Rise of the Fall in sense8

13. Moving Portals

The moving portal through which Seq communicates with anyone in the matrix (They don’t need phone booth’s anymore!) is exactly like how sense8’s visit each other! This idea for sure has to be the best influence that Lana could bring into the matrix. It felt like Capheus was visiting his friends!

Matrix's moving portal from sense8

14. sense8 Iconography

If that wasn’t enough there was always a tiny love left for sense8 fans in iconography scattered all through the movie.

sense8 iconography Smith

Lexy wore the infinity 8 on her pretty much all the time when she was in the matrix.

Lexy infinity 8 iconography

Did you spot more sense8 Easter eggs in The Matrix: Resurrections? Do leave a comment or a picture!

At the end of the day, It was fun to see sense8 come together one last time to do the right thing while putting a smile on our faces!

Matrix Resurrections Neo sense8

sense8 team

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