Suits: Ending Explained (Love, Death And Robots)

Suits is the 4th Episode of the Netflix series Love, Death And Robots. The plot revolves around a group of country farmers who surprisingly arm themselves in futuristic Mech-Suits and casually fight off alien bug creatures Starship Troopers style. This episode gives all kinds of vibes of how A Quiet Place should have actually turned out. Here’s Episode 4 of Love Death and Robots: Suits’ ending explained; spoilers ahead.

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Suits: Plot Summary

The plot is centered around two couples – Hank and Beth, and Jake and Helen. The story starts off by introducing them as farmers, but soon we see Beth operating on computers telling Hank about holes in their pasture fence. Hank gets inside his Mech-Suit and heads over to what appears to be a force-field (pasture fence). In comes a group of aliens which Hank obliterates. Beth calls Helen asking her to send Jake for backup. They soon notice a lot more holes in their fence and another Mech-Warrior, Crazy Mel, joins them. Beck identifies that there are thousands of creatures coming in through the breach. Hank instructs Beth to pull the families inside the bunker, to safety. Jake, Hank, and Mel are the only three available to defend the valley.

The three get overwhelmed by the attacking aliens but manage to hold them off till the families are cleared into the bunker. Realizing that all three can’t make it, Hank asks Jake to save himself. The creatures drop Jake’s Mech down and begin cracking his windshield and he detonates is Mech to protect Hank and Mel. Helen is devastated to know this and decides to help Beth to take down the remaining aliens.

A gigantic alien beast enters the breach, and Hank struggles to fight with it. He manages to hold its mouth open long enough for Beth to fire a rocket inside it. The creature is killed and the day is saved. The next day, Hank, Beth, and Mel are having beers to celebrate their victory, and Hank tells Helen that Jake did a very noble thing.

final scene planet suits love death robots

Love Death And Robots: Suits: Ending Explained

Here’s the thing. This story is not happening on Earth. Humans have reached a level of scientific capability that they have been able to terraform another planet. Hank and people are the aliens on another planet. The creatures are the residents of that planet. They are merely attacking the humans who are the external parasites on their world. The pasture fence is a 3-dimensional force-field that creates an Earth-like atmosphere for the humans to live. We see the story of the people inside one such fence. There are many such groups of terraformers each in their respective fields transforming the planet as the native creatures fight to take them out. The final scene shows us just this and is the thing that makes this short story brilliant.

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