Jibaro Ending Explained (Love, Death And Robots)

Episode 9 of Season 3 of Love, Death and Robots is called Jibaro. The story follows a Siren smitten with a soldier who is unaffected by her deathly scream. The animation in this short is so good that most people are going around confirming if this episode was not live-action. There is no dialogue, and the choreography is so well done. Do check this one out. Here’s the plot and ending of Love Death + Robots’ Jibaro explained; spoilers ahead.

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Jibaro is an alternate version of the Siren’s tale. The original Greek mythology talks about Sirens who have beautiful voices that seduce men at sea to leap to their deaths. If a Siren is unable to woo a man, then she commits suicide by diving into the water.

Jibaro: Plot Explained

In Love, Death and Robots’ Jibaro, we see a Siren, like Sindel from Mortal Kombat, whose scream drives people insane. The story begins with an army that appears to be colonialists. The lead is a deaf soldier. Considering all the gold that adorned their horses, it appears this group has been colonizing and looting as they expanded. The Siren senses threat and attacks. While the rest of the troops are vanquished by the screaming and dancing Siren, the deaf soldier, is unharmed and makes a run for it.

Jibaro love death and robots

The Siren is intrigued by this soldier. Clearly, she’s come across a deaf person for the first time. Later, she sneaks up next to him and spends the night. The soldier wakes up and can’t take his eyes off the bejewelled beauty. He follows her, and they eventually embrace and share a passionate kiss. Her lips and teeth are so sharp that it cuts the soldier, and he bleeds.

We see a turn of events when the soldier knocks the Siren unconscious, steals all the jewels from her body, and tosses her into the river. Her blood is magical and floods the river in a Shining-esque manner. The soldier washes his face in the water, and this causes his ears to be fixed making him vulnerable to the Siren.

The Siren exacts revenge for his betrayal and performs a fatality on the undeaf soldier with her scream. The man suffers a choreographed death as he moves into the river and sinks to the bottom.

Love Death And Robots: Jibaro: Ending Explained

The ending of Jibaro places emphasis on the metaphor of toxic relationships, which is told through a reimagined Siren’s tale. Both of them were attracted to each other for their own selfish desires, and as we all know, that can never end well.

The deaf soldier fancies the Siren only for the ornaments on her body. And the Siren is intrigued by this man only because her otherwise fatal scream had no effect on him. They are drawn to each other for incredibly wrong reasons. The metaphor of toxic relationships goes beyond just between a couple. It could be between parents and children, political parties, and wider groups like States and Nations – all of this always ends badly. Soon, the man strikes first to claim what he really wants. This boomerangs back at him, with him gaining his hearing. The Siren has lost her grace and can’t dance anymore. She screams in agony and takes the man down. Interestingly, she’s standing this time, and the man dies dancing.

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